Collaborating with leading museums and cultural venues, we showcase the limitless possibilities of design.

Exploring the future of art and architecture

Architects, engineers, and artists share common ground: a practice defined by inquiry and experimentation. By collaborating across disciplines, we can realize works of art and architecture that challenge convention. SOM frequently collaborates with museums and cultural venues around the world to present this work. Pulling back the curtain on the design process, these exhibitions and installations reveal the often unexpected results of collaboration.

A vision for life beyond Earth

A powerful new installation brings to life SOM’s and the European Space Agency’s concept for a Moon Village, launched at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. The installation transports visitors to a lunar settlement in the near future — a testing ground for new ways of living in extreme environments and a model for global collaboration in outer space.

The product of a multi-year collaboration between SOM and University of Michigan Taubman College, the SPLAM [SPatial LAMinated timber] pavilion showcases the potential for prefabricated timber framing panels using robotic technology to advance more sustainable and efficient methods of design and construction.

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